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On-Campus Resources

If you’re planning on attending Texas Woman’s University – Denton, you might be wondering what type of resources do they have on campus. Well, we have them here! Check out the resources that they offer on campus and take advantage of them:

Career Resources:

  • “Students are encouraged to meet with advisors in programs and withTWU Career Services their first semester on campus in order to develop or refine career goals and to develop a career plan.”

Learning Resources:

TWU offers Great opportunities for their students, whether it is from Career to Learning Resources, they have it all. Also, you can check out their informative page where you can find some internship opportunities here. Always remember that it’s okay to ask questions and help, it doesn’t hurt. Some of us believe that we can handle everything on our own and at times we can but we also have to realize that it’s okay to talk to professors about homework or upcoming test to gain a better understanding of their class. If you guys need anything else, feel free to ask or let us know how we can help out!


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