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Texas Woman’s University

The Texas Woman’s University which is located in Denton, Texas has some great scholarship opportunities. To be able to apply for any of their scholarships, you must follow the eligibility requirements:

  • Have all required admission applications and academic transcripts in the TWU Admission’s Office or Graduate Admission’s Office by the application deadline.
  • Enroll full-time (minimum of 12 hours for undergraduates; minimum 9 hours for graduate students and 6 hours for graduate assistants).  EXCEPTIONS:  You are graduating the semester of the award or your degree program requires less than full-time enrollment (Example:  Clinicals, student teaching, thesis, dissertation) or the scholarship description permits part-time enrollment.
  • Declare a major if you are an undergraduate student and have attempted at least 24 semester hours, or you are a graduate student and have attempted at least 12 semester hours.

TWU also offer the Top 10% Scholarship for all students that have graduated from an accredited high school in Texas. They also offer scholarships for the new incoming freshmen and those are:

  • New freshman student scholarship
  • TWU Honors Scholarship
  • TWU Presidential Scholarship
  • Chancellor’s Endowed Scholarship
You can find the requirements for the above scholarships here. TWU also offers some hints for their scholarships and they’re at the bottom of their page but we have them here too!

“The following is a list of helpful hints useful for students when applying for scholarships.

  • Meet deadlines.  Do not wait until the last minute or deadline date to complete the application(s) Some organizations require official transcripts and/or letters of reference.  Allow time to assemble all required information.
  • Read through the scholarship information and application before writing on the application form.
  • Follow directions explicitly.
  • Complete the application by typing or printing in black ink.  Do not use cursive writing when completing an application.  Make sure all information on the application is neat, accurate, and legible.
  • Only submit requested information.  Additional information may result in your application not being favorably considered.  Do not submit letters of recommendation, photos, resumes, or transcripts unless they are requested.
  • Maintain a record of your applications and the dates submitted.  Keep a copy of the application and all other information submitted to the organization.
  • If you are asked to write an essay, use accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Have someone proofread your work.
  • Send thank you notes to scholarship donors.
  • Reapply each year, if required.”

Also, you can check out what TWU has to offer as Programs, Majors, & Degrees. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have, Plus, we have a current TWU Undergrad on the Team that is willing to help you out!


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